AllStar Institute Scholastic Chess Tournaments & Rules

AllStar Institute Scholastic Chess Tournaments & Rules

1. Parents are welcome and encourage to stay within the entire tournament, however not required for 贾老师, myself and perhaps another helper will be there for of course for the duration of tournament thus not only about as to bring fun within any said tournament but as well to ensure a safe neat place for all students (school is not completed its remodel but yet in same time the school is looking very sharp, clean and comfortable, bringing plenty of space for all parents and students)

2. Students will not have to bring anything … all tools we shall have, chess boards, chess clocks, chess sheet notations, snacks etc.

3. Each student will play within their rated section as to allow the gain/award of 1st, 2nd and or 3rd place trophy

4. There will be trophies awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place within each section.  Additionally, a neat ribbon and certificate for every student who is even able to play live on a board in such a tournament.

5. Pairings, Names, Ratings, Board Seat etc. will be highlighted on huge wall monitors … (thus all can see status of current games and outcomes and awards)

6. We will be attentive to Covid safety, all will be required to wear mask etc. (practice standard covid safety), however and while the school is still within some build out … it is very very clean to which all will surely enjoy its cleanliness and comfort. Students’ chess boards as well will be spaced out with ample distance upon tournament tables.

7. The learning and fun they will have is far too much to write … fact said, to attend, interact and play live on board is so very neat at their age the long lasting effect cannot be described.  More so as to date we are amazed what they can do! Thus win or lose its all a gain (even if they don’t see it as gain if they lose, trust me it is!)

8. Please feel free to ask, comment, question any wonder you may have as this is not only about chess but allowing students to interact within competition, communication and all the more while having some fun and always learning!

* For a more in-depth break down of rules and its understanding please (Click This Link Here)