Winter Break Chess Camp                         2020

K ~ Sixth (6th) Grade

All “ONLINE” via secured zoom classes and teachers

Fun learning educational Winter Break Chess Camp

 Each session (described below) will have different learning’s and fun as well of course active chess play to which they love!

 Sessions will compile, add and alter per its needs to students in mix and match as many students taking are taking more than one class during winter break (approx four (4) if not more) then bringing interest and fun to them all!

Sample Camp Session:


Chess Camp 2020


Professional chess lessons

© This is one of my students (Aaden) first days of chess with me approx two months back from today December 2020 (he is in 1st grade)


©This is my same student (Aaden) approx two months after the above vid (he is in 1st grade)


Practice and play chess (per their each level)

Chess tournaments and events (private to our camp – we use


Training drills

Practice software (and new © software built proprietary by “us” for training to our students with knights) (no school presently has this software as it is developed and built by myself for our school)


Creative building thinking

Alternative games and quizzes all related to chess


Socially engaging activities to break up their day / week

Issue a unique configured account

Learning the names of chess pieces in chinese, english and the “pawn” in any language that joins us ッ

Chess – 囯际象棋 (guoji xiangqi; international chess)
Chess Board – 棋盤 (qipan)
Check – 将军 (jiangjun; this is the challenge in the native Chinese version of chess as well)
Checkmate – 将死 (jiangsi; literally, death of the general)
Pawn – 兵 (bing)
King – 王 (wang; king)
Queen – 王后 (wang hou; queen)
Rook – 車 (ju; chariot) or 城堡 (chengbao; castle)
Bishop – 象 (xiang; elephant) or 主教 (zhujiao; bishop)
Knight – 馬 (ma; horse) or 騎士 (qishi; horseman, knight)
Castle – 王車易位 (wang ju yi wei; king and chariot change places)
Black – 黑方 (hei fang)
White – 白方 (bai fang)
Stalemate – 逼和 (bi he; forced draw)
Draw – 和棋 (he qi)

Encouraging beneficial attributes of winning and losing



And much more … Of course not all the above and more will be able to complete or cover in one camp class session thus students are encourage to take as many classes as can and would like to their and their parents schedule, time and overall enjoyment and gain within and during the holidays! (Happy Holidays Too! ッ)

Prizes and awards

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Stay safe and continue to learn and stay active with us online until we beat these virus times!

We can do it!!