May 15th 2022 @ 2:00 PM

Live On Board Chess Tournament!

Kindergarten ~ 6th Grade

Sections (000 ~ 849), (850 ~ 1099), (1100 ~ 1149), (1150 ~ 1600)

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(Online Registration Closes May 10th 2022)

Current Students As Of April 2022


Dear Parents:

Its time! and Allstar Institute 聚星教育中心 国际象棋 in house, in person and live on board chess tournament for Kindergarten through 6th grade is about and will be held on May 15th 2022 at 2:00 PM (Doors will open at 1:15 PM)

We were going to have this first tournament open to only Allstar Institute chess students, however after consideration and thought, no need wait for second tournament to allow others should any wish join, for now is the time :), let them all enjoy, learn, interact live vs. online 😐 additionally the variant of different students they play the more interesting and  the more they learn (plus its fun).  Many great attributes and leanings come about within such an event.  All ratings and levels will be paired in utmost fair manner and simply said it will just be great fun, learning and experience for them all.


High Level Overview


This tournament is and all tournaments will be with utmost focus to learn and have “fun”, along with and not limited to interaction, communication, experience of competition all components of life to which strengthen oneself.

Such said, one could read book over books on chess tournaments and its rules etc., however that is not the goal here!  Yes we will place and follow such chess protocols to which if you wish to really read more in-depth on such and obtain a deeper understanding as to some of the inner workings of chess tournament rules please (Click This Link Here).  However we will be able to fully adjudicate any issue that comes about (and there will be some) with care, concern and bring a great outcome for all again with focus and trying as to ensure them a fun and fair competition while keeping it simple at their level bringing again focus to learning, experience and longevity of fun.


High level rules, … This will be touch move, with time control of 15 minutes (this means such student / competitor gets 15 minutes on their clock – and each of them have used this time to its end many times to which I almost want to push this to 20 or 30 minute game, however we will start the first tournament on May 15th 2022 at 15 minute games which then the entire game can last 30 minutes however most will not and they will then be repaired as to then start for next round.  There will be four rounds in total.


All materials will be provided and set up by the AllStar Institute, … tables, boards, chess clocks, etc.  additionally we shall have some water bottles, juices and small something of silly snacks.


The trophies you see in flyer are the final design,  such trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in their “each” section.  Neat ribbons and certificates will be as well presented to every student who was even able to have the courage to complete.


The placement of each student will be related to their rating as well any adjustments we see fit as to ensure each student is in their fair and correct section (meaning they can be placed up or lower in a section upon our knowing their ability and who they will be playing ensure it is utmost fair and fun!  (* If there is a new student and they just received a new rating and it has not adjusted, to which they are stronger then their new adjusting rating, I will place them in their correct upper section again to make fair fun) (* I am able to understand their ability and level in chess with ease – there will be no sand bagging in our fun school 🙂 )


(f) You may ask your child their rating as they will know it, thereby having an idea of their section they will be in.  You may as well Click This Link Here to find your child’s very close to current chess rating (pulled within April 2022)

Special Notes:

*  Special Note: Chess Directors (Miss Jia) & (Mr. Gary) Compliments:  In all truth what an amazement to all students!  They “all” started out with ratings about 800’s and drop quick (as expected) to 500’s give or take, all within time they leveled out their rating, learned weekly and advanced with serious effort, focus, hard-work all while having some fun!  Ask your child their rating you will be proud 🙂 … Especially if they are at very bottom of the ratings, as every single student you see here was at bottom as well upon start!  I think the lowest is one of the neatest positions!, as there is no where to go but up!  🙂 

Its going to be fun!